A sample of current and past projects.

Historic Decorative Ceilings
with Cliveden Conservation
The challenges of restoring or refurbishing listed properties can be mitigated through careful planning. I prepare detailed condition assessments for decorative historic features and work with planners, architects, and contractors in the construction industry to preserve and sympathetically refurbish listed properties.
Nilotic Mummies
with The British Museum
A group of 40 naturally mummified medieval bodies were recovered as part of the Fourth Nile Cataract Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project. The conservation of these human remains is led by Barbara Wills of the British Museum. As part of the conservation process, the human remains are assessed and stabilised for long-term study and imaging.
with The British Museum
Materials from the The Lilleberge Viking Burial include remarkably well-preserved textiles. During a study of these, curator Barry Ager noticed an object inside a mass of soil, textiles and wood. I examined the object further using X-radiography to reveal this previously unknown Celtic mount which had also been reused in antiquity as a brooch.

Image copyright: Trustees of the British Museum. Used with permission.

Cuneiform Tablets
with The British Museum
In conjunction with the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI), the Ashurbanipal Library Project aims to digitise and make available to researchers and translators around the world some of humanity's oldest documents.
The project involved creating and processing thousands of high-resolution photographs. Here's some Javascript code I wrote for Adobe Photoshop to batch-resize the image files based on the light blue area in each image's photographic scale.

Image copyright: Trustees of the British Museum. Used with permission.

Tell Qarqur, Syria
with The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
Tell Qarqur is a multi-period archaeological site in the Orontes Valley. I was part of the research and excavation team from 2001-2007.
In response to the recent conflicts in Syria, ASOR has launched the Syrian Heritage Initiative which provides weekly reports on looting and damage to heritage sites. The Heritage Monitor is an anonymous crowdsourcing tool to collect evidence of looting or damage.